Church Histories                    
There are several things that can not be separated in Middle Creek History, They certainly made an imprint on the lives of our Ancestors.
The 1890's in Sevier County, Tennessee were some of the darker times in the counties history. The Night Riders were known as the White Caps

Dr. Joseph A. Sharp's Collection

County Historian from (1958-1971) Dr. Sharp's collection contains a vast quantity of information on all of the prominent families of Sevier County. We are endeavoring to post as much information as we can on these pages. The Original Records are in the McClung Historical Collection in Knoxville We have Typed Copies of the Family files as well as The Complete Collection on Microfilm.

Poor Farm

The Sevier County Poor Farm House cared for the poor, destitute, old & young, infirm and those suffering from disabilities.

Seymour History